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Scenario of Facebook in Bangladesh at 2010

Last few days I was doing a work based on facebook users. And there I found some interesting results from facebook such as total facebook user is more than internet user etc. I have decided to write something about this findings. At first I would like to say the total internet user in Bangladesh. According to ITU Bangladesh has 617300 internet users till July, 2010. But interestingly I have found that the number of facebook user is more than the total internet user in Bangladesh. The total facebook user in Bangladesh is 1,020,560, which is 165% higher than the internet user. That means every internet connection has 1.6 facebook user. Ok, let me see the total overview of my findings. Be sure that all the statistics are based on Bangladesh.

Importance of social meida and online platform in the view of bangladeshi company and brand context

Social media is one of the key important and vibrent media in the world to the company, products and brands for marketing and promotion. It is well used marketing media and online tools in the western word. Bangladesh is not far beoyend from that opportunity and start walking on that way. Practically, it is right time for Bangladeshi company and brands to make sure their presence in the online socila media and virtual environment, now question is why it is important particularly in Bangladesh? There are number of reason, first of all is education opportunity in Bangladesh. If I consider, only tertiary level of education in Bangladesh, it is growing continuously due to the development of overall educational facility and opportunity. According to the UGC statistics, in 2010 only university level of education in Bangladesh was 1,77,857 which is 1% more than in 2009. On the other hand, big number of student are studing in National University and Open University.

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