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Importance of social meida and online platform in the view of bangladeshi company and brand context

Social media is one of the key important and vibrent media in the world to the company, products and brands for marketing and promotion. It is well used marketing media and online tools in the western word. Bangladesh is not far beoyend from that opportunity and start walking on that way. Practically, it is right time for Bangladeshi company and brands to make sure their presence in the online socila media and virtual environment, now question is why it is important particularly in Bangladesh? There are number of reason, first of all is education opportunity in Bangladesh. If I consider, only tertiary level of education in Bangladesh, it is growing continuously due to the development of overall educational facility and opportunity. According to the UGC statistics, in 2010 only university level of education in Bangladesh was 1,77,857 which is 1% more than in 2009. On the other hand, big number of student are studing in National University and Open University.


Therefore, educated peoples are increasing rapidly with the view of modern world technology and opportunities. Secondly, access to technology in Bangladesh is increasing significantly due to government ICT policy and strong competative business enviroment. Thirdly, if we consider rural and urban context, people’s life style in Bangladesh has changing because of technology adaption and having technology purchasing power regardless rural or urban. Though, urban citizen have got more opportunities than rural citizen however, due to strong competition in the telecommunication sectors, service provider in Bangladesh are able to understood rural citizen about the importance of technology and Internet. For example, I have seen those people who are live in rural area and studies in school or college, they at least know what called internet is and to some extent they knows how to use it. On the other hand, In modern time Bangladeshi people are more aware about product and brand more than before. Therefore, Bangladeshi companies and brands needs to presence on online platform are significantly important to connect with potential customers so that company can increase brand loyal customers and concurrently sought for brand awareness. More importantly, Bangladesh interenet speed experience is improving rapidly than old time. One of the milestone is the most recent adaption of 3G technology in our telecommunication sectors. In recent 5 mobile phone opporatrors get their 3G technolog operating licence including state owned company Teletalk which is a huge opportunity in the era of high speed internet. therefore, it is assumable that more people will have access high speed internet then before. So, it is highly urge to the company to put their step on to the online platform. if we look most recent statastic from alexa.com facebook is the most browsing site in bangladesh followed by google and youtube. according to the Financial Express report in 2012, 2.80 Million people in Bangladesh use Facebook, which is 51st position among the nations using the network globally, among all the users vast majority is young and adult, age group is in-between 18 – 24 and almost 29% of user age group is 25 – 34. In reality, this trend is growing rapidly indeed. Similarly, Google search engine and youtube user following the same trend. However, Google find Bangladesh is potential business market in near future; therefore without further delay it has open Bangladesh office so that they can grab feature market.

In addition, I have search myself different company those who are involve or dealing with the online campaign and advertising. Interestingly, I have found some promising companies. For instance, recently I have seen Robi online campaign and advertising which is done by Webpers.com. Though it is a new segments of business in Bangladesh but I am astonish to see the work done by webpers is phenomenal. The way webpers present Robi in online, I would say it is an international stranded work which helps Robi to be a stronger brand in Bangladesh. I must appreciate webpers work expertise because they have chosen right market segment, target group, media and striking look of advertisement image and video for Robi, importantly they have chosen the keywords very carefully and intelligently so that add only display right place where potential customers visibility is significantly high.

Last but not least, online community in Bangladesh is growing hasty, education, technology access, technology adaption increasing and on contrary, social barrier of technology adaption significantly reduce. Similarly, good ICT policy has open the door for the companies in Bangladesh to step-in the online campaign and advertising media. This is the only media which will have huge potentiality in present and as well as near future. Therefore, those company or brand, which will start their marketing campaign and advertising via online media or by social media right now, this step will help them advantage to gain more expertise on this media and from that Circumstance step in companies will enjoy higher return on investment (ROI). So, it is high time for the companies and brands to thinks out of the box and start looking to the new way of communication. However, it is recommended for Bangladeshi Companies and brand to think about their online marketing and promotion for better present and future perspective.

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