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FINsim: ATM simulation stress testing software

FINsim: ATM simulation stress testing software

So, you’ve implemented a banking payment solution and now it requires stress testing. FINsim is a POS, interchange simulation solution which provides a flexible test environment that reduces your testing timeframes and increases your staff productivity. FINsim has many functions that enable simplified and efficient testing of difficult and time consuming scenarios.

FINsim can be used to test:

  • - New ATM state and screen development
  • - Changes to your management software
  • - Visa and MasterCard pre-certification
  • - EMV Compliance
  • - POS terminal certification
  • - Bilateral (interchange) links
  • - All network management and financial transactions
  • - Hardware failures and all error conditions
  • - All cryptographic processing for PIN encryption, message authentication, dynamic key exchange, SSL, Triple DES and Remote Key Initialisation through RSA.

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